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    Nurmenuku Quarter

    Homes in Pärnu Greenery

    About the developer

    quote - DeveloperThe development team of Nurmenuku Quarter has an international background and they have successfully involved a project manager, a general contractor and an architect who all have been involved in major projects in Pärnu County and in Estonia for many years. In collaboration, the largest residential development project in the last 20 years in Pärnu County will be completed. The most demanding buyer needs are taken into account when building Nurmenuku quarter. 

    In the residential area, there will be 6 apartment buldings that include an elevator, 15 single-family houses and 48 terraced house dwellings, that all are styled as elegant and modern . The planning of living spaces and the choice of building materials are based on the high demands of future residents in construction quality, soundproofing, pleasant indoor climate, practical space solutions, comfort and low maintenance costs.

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    Lunapolis real estate with its team is chosen as our development sales partner, as you can be sure of them. Their vast experience in real estate transactions, dedication, fast and correct buying with affiliate, high quality photos and videos, and using social media in distinctive marketing are just some of the keywords that characterize their good sales activity. All essential to make the process of acquiring a new home easier and more positive. We are confident that future residents will find it easier to acquire housing by working with Lunapolis and ultimately, all parties are satisfied

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